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Our Mission 

Louise Archer ES creates an educationally stimulating, supportive and positive learning environment so students grow academically, socially and emotionally in preparation to become motivated, confident and respectful members of the community.

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Our Vision

Louise Archer ES strives to empower students to access, contribute, and communicate effectively in the global community.  Children will be resilient, problem solvers, opportunistic, and self-reliant with the capability to attain and apply knowledge.  We will work diligently to empower and motivate students to ultimately become confident, respectful, and responsible citizens who continue their thirst for knowledge.

Louise Archer Staff

Administrative Team

Our Core Values and Belief

To ensure academic, emotional, and social success for all, Louise Archer staff unites to make the following commitments:

  •  Child-centered environment in which they are all our children – “Kids First”
  • ·Maintain a positive, welcoming school atmosphere for students, staff and the community
  • ·Staff will engage in meaningful professional development to incorporate research-based instructional  practices to support student learning
  • ·Everyone is invested in the success of our school – collaborative effort between students, staff, and community
  •  Clear, common language and expectations
  •  Build resilience in students so they are empowered to attain academic success and grow emotionally and socially

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Louise Archer ES is part of Region 1