Kiss and Ride

Kiss & Ride Safety Rules attached.

Bus Riders:  Bus service is provided for all students who live in the district.  Families with students who are pupil placed will need to provide their own transportation.  Routes are mailed to students’ families before the first day of school.

A parent, guardian, designated adult, or a 7th-grade student (or older) must be present to pick up a Kindergartner at the bus stop every single day.  They must identify the child by name.  If there is no one at the bus stop or if the Kindergartener does not feel comfortable leaving with the person who’s come to pick them up, the Kindergartner will be brought back to the school.

Kiss & Ride:  Parents driving their child or children to school in the morning should use the “Kiss & Ride” traffic pattern described below.  The lane in front of the school is reserved for the arrival of school buses from 8:45 - 9:15 a.m. *Students may not arrive prior to 9:00 a.m.*

  • Kiss & Ride AM: cars can start lining up at 8:55 a.m.
  • Kiss & Ride PM: cars can start lining up at 3:45 p.m.

Kiss & Ride Safety Rules

  • Kiss & Ride Door is open from 9:00—9:15 am ONLY
  • Please do not drop your student off there before 9:00 am

Most elementary schools in Fairfax County have established an area called the Kiss and Ride, which is designated
as a safe place for adults in private vehicles to load and unload children. The Kiss and Ride is separate from the
school bus area, which helps schools to avoid problems associated with cars passing buses, or cars parking in bus only
zones and fire lanes. It also establishes a pedestrian traffic pattern to keep children safe.
If all drivers cooperate, the adult supervisor, with the assistance of the safety patrol, will be able to provide an
efficient and safe transfer of children. To ensure safety for everyone, observe the following rules when loading and unloading

  •  Please drive slowly.

  • Turn right into the parking lot from Nutley Street traveling south.

    • Do not turn left into the parking lot when traveling north on Nutley Street.  This causes traffic to back up.

  •  Pull forward as far as possible into the designated Kiss & Ride lane before loading and unloading.

  •  Load and unload in the Kiss & Ride area only.

  •  Load and unload from the passenger side of the car only.

  •  Keep “good-byes” brief.

  •  Remain in the driver’s seat. (Safety patrols can assist with car doors.)

  •  Do not pass other cars that are loading or unloading.

  •  Do not park in the Kiss & Ride lane and leave your car unattended.

  •  Do not park in the parking lot or across the street and call for children to cross.

  •  Please refrain from the use of cell phones in the Kiss & Ride Lane.

  • DO NOT leave your car in the Kiss & Ride line.

    • If you plan on accompanying your child inside the building, please park in a spot marked “Visitor” or park in the church parking lot across the street. Parking beyond the visitor spots is for staff only.  Please do not sit in a parking spot to wait for a drop-off time.

  •  Exit the Kiss & Ride promptly after loading or unloading children.

With your cooperation, we will keep our children safe as they arrive and depart school each day.